About Us

Parc Pantry is a local store situated in Malpas, Newport.  Its a store founded on the ideas of local, fresh and just generally good products by childhood friends Matt & Ant.  Parc Pantry’s vision is that everything you see in the store you can buy!  From the delicious home cooked produce to the fantastic signature smoothies; right down to unique furniture and lighting!


Parc Pantry are a duo going by the names Matt Ellis & Ant Cook, who, combined with a shared love of coffee, food and design have set out to bring a big slice of different to your local neighbourhood.

Prior to opening our first venue we  spent the a huge amount of time scouring the UK to source quirky, interesting and tasty suppliers that with great pride we can now bring to your doorstep.  So now, you can while away the afternoon sampling the treats from our deli counter, perusing our great selection of homewares and gifts, or enjoying a leisurely afternoon of coffee, afternoon teas, cakes and patisseries with friends or family. Whats not to like?




Who are Matt & Ant? 

—Matt —

With a background in Product design and Retail Sales, Matt escaped the 9-5 in search a business idea he could really get excited about.  Unashamedly a foodie and design nerd, the opportunity of being part of the Parc Pantry meant he could finally combine his two favourite interests.

— Ant —

Also coming from a Product Design background, Ant is the Coffee connoisseur out of the two with a fondness for cravats.  Having worked and managed in the hospitality industry for a number of years, Parc Pantry is an ideal opportunity to put in practice what he knows. The Parc Pantry Duo met many moons ago at school, where even at a young age they had the bug and would scheme for hours over their next big business idea. After a few forays into property development and residential design the timing is right to begin this exciting and unique venture.

To find out more about the Parc Pantry story  watch our Kickstarter video HERE